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A Poem About Thomas Jefferson’s Slave Lover by Mark Walston, appearing in the Hidden City Quarterly

  Sally Hemings Sails to Paris 1787   Moldboard plows and polygraphs, scuppernong trellises redolent with a heavy dark sweetness, meticulous celestial observations and a ledger of misbegotten bound in bright leather.   Ardent in the spring arbor liberty desires ripen with iridescent irony – love frees nothing but hatred and enlightened lust leads not … Continue reading

Ex-Slaves in America

In April of 1936, the Federal Writer’s Project of the Works Progress Administration – one of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s government make-work programs aimed at aiding the displaced of the Great Depression – deployed a diverse group of unemployed white-collar workers out into the field, tasked with the curious mission of locating and interviewing ex-slaves … Continue reading