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Trump (Registered Trademark)

Want to know Donald Trump’s slogan for his 2020 re-election bid?

“Keep America Great.”

He’s already trademarked it.

In fact, on January 18, 2017, two days before his inauguration, Trump filed for the trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Once you’ve made America great again, there’s nothing left to do but keep it that way.

As for “Make America Great Again,” Trump first filed for application on November 19, 2012, less than two weeks after Obama’s re-election. The trademark was for the use of “political action committee services.”  Apparently, Trump was plotting his run for office three years before his descent on the golden escalator and formal announcement of his candidacy.

In 2015, he expanded the use of his slogan to include “fundraising in the field of politics”; the last listed owner was DTTM Operations LLC in Delaware, with its offices located at 725 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan – Trump Tower.

Trump loves trademarks. He holds 353 in America.  (He has more than a 100 in China). Many are simple variations on a theme – he’s trademarked both Keep America Great and Keep America Great!, with an exclamation mark.  And he trademarked the name “Trump” itself, for political purposes.

Meanwhile, he aimed at becoming a male Martha Stewart, trademarking Trump Home, a projected line of toothbrush holders and soap dishes. Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump D’Elegance – conducting trade shows, — Trump Gold Book, a telephone directory, Empire by Trump, a limousine service, Select by Trump coffee, Trump Ice bottled water, Mar-A-Lago body and beauty care cosmetic, all trademarked, all abandoned.  (Trump Model Management is a still-active mark).

Then there’s Trump’s failed educational enterprises, the now infamous Trump University (filed in 2006, trademark cancelled 2014) and the Entrepreneurship Mastery Program – an anomaly, with its exclusion of the Trump name.  A computer game called Trump Tycoon, DJT restaurant services and Travel Trump Style, an on-line travel agency with the associated trademarked GoTrump.com reveal either a fertile mind or a scattershot approach to business planning.

Trump began his run as a reality TV star in 2004 (he trademarked his signature phrase, You’re Fired! The Donald); that same year he began applying for a series of marks that sought to leverage his newly found fame and form the cornerstone of a Trump media and entertainment empire.

He envisioned himself a radio host, with The Real Deal, trademarked, a weekly radio program, and Trumped, a program in the field of “current events, popular culture and the life and business of Donald J Trump.”

He envisioned himself a TV producer, with a new reality TV show, The Board Room, and an ongoing scripted drama called Tobacco Road – neither realized.

His thoughts turned to theater; he trademarked The Trump Follies, a live cabaret with music, comedy and drama.

He saw himself as a publisher (fueled, no doubt by the success of The Art of the Deal), from the failed Trump World magazine (filed 2003, cancelled 2011) to such imagined serial publications as Trump Verdict, books in the field of business disputes and dispute resolution; Trump Money: Make Your Case; and Donald J. Trump Boardroom.

And he fancied himself a new Walt Disney, with Donald J. Trump’s Victorian Garden, an amusement park (filed in 2003, abandoned in 2004).

Pipe dreams, perhaps.  But trademarked.




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